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1. Launchpad Pro ($1,500):

  • Focus: E-commerce platform setup & inventory upload
  • Description: Get your online store up and running with expert guidance. We'll walk you through platform selection, product upload, and payment processing setup.

2. Local Buzz Builder ($1,000):

  • Focus: Local marketing strategy & community engagement
  • Description: Attract customers in your neighborhood! We'll craft a targeted local marketing strategy, including social media campaigns, partnerships, and engagement tactics.

3. Pop-Up Powerhouse ($2,000):

  • Focus: Pop-up shop planning & live shopping event assistance
  • Description: Create a buzz and drive sales with a memorable pop-up shop experience. We'll help you plan, promote, and execute a successful pop-up event, including guidance on live shopping.

4. Growth Accelerator (Tiered Pricing):

  • Focus: Comprehensive E-commerce & Marketing Strategy (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Description: This tiered package offers a complete solution to launch and grow your online presence. Choose the level that best suits your needs:
    • Bronze ($500): Launchpad Pro + Local Buzz Builder consultation
    • Silver ($1,500): Growth Accelerator Bronze + Local Social Media Management for 1 month
    • Gold ($2,500): Growth Accelerator Silver + Pop-Up Powerhouse consultation