Honoring Your Roots - Ancestral Altar Training

Honoring Your Roots - Ancestral Altar Training

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Self Care Holistic: Honoring Your Roots - Ancestral Altar Training

Connect with your lineage and strengthen your foundation through ancestral altar training!

Our ancestors hold a powerful place in our lives. This training will guide you in creating a sacred space - your ancestral altar - to honor them and cultivate a deeper connection to your family history.

What You'll Learn:

  • The Significance of Ancestral Altars: Understand the role of altars in honoring ancestors and fostering spiritual growth.
  • Crafting Your Sacred Space: Learn about selecting an appropriate location, choosing meaningful objects, and establishing rituals.
  • Connecting with Your Ancestors: Explore methods of communication and honoring your lineage.
  • Integration into Daily Life: Discover ways to incorporate your ancestral altar into your daily practices for ongoing guidance and support.


  • Strengthen Your Roots: Feel a deeper connection to your family history and heritage.
  • Gain Guidance and Support: Tap into the wisdom and energy of your ancestors.
  • Enhance Personal Growth: Explore your family's story to better understand yourself.
  • Create a Legacy: Establish a tradition for future generations to honor their ancestors.


  • Choose from in-person workshops or online courses.
  • Interactive sessions led by experienced facilitators.
  • Learn alongside others interested in ancestral connection.

Uncover the power of your lineage. Enroll in our ancestral altar training today!

Additional Information:

  • All experience levels welcome.
  • Materials supplies and list provided for creating your altar.(shipping not included)
  • Ongoing support available after training.

Embrace the strength and wisdom of your ancestors. Start your ancestral altar journey now!