Radiant Glow Trio

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Indulge in the Radiant Glow Trio from selfcareholistic.com and embrace a holistic approach to self-care that brings out your natural beauty. Each product in this package is carefully crafted to address hyperpigmentation concerns, leaving you with a radiant and confident glow.

: Radiant Glow Trio

  1. Glow Boost Soap Bar

    • Beauty Kojic Acid & Turmeric Soap Bar (1 piece)
    • Unveil your natural radiance with our Beauty Kojic Acid & Turmeric Soap Bar. Infused with powerful ingredients, this soap gently exfoliates, lightens hyperpigmentation, and promotes a healthy, even skin tone.
  2. Roll-On Radiance Deodorant

    • Kojic Acid Deodorant Roll-On (1 piece)
    • Elevate your self-care routine with our Roll-On Kojic Acid Deodorant. Not only does it provide effective and long-lasting protection against odors, but it also helps in brightening underarms, leaving you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.
  3. Luminous Face Cream

    • Kojic Acid Face Cream (1 piece)
    • Experience the ultimate radiance with our Kojic Acid Face Cream. Formulated to target hyperpigmentation, this cream nourishes and hydrates your skin while promoting a more even skin tone. Achieve a luminous complexion that reflects your inner beauty.